Talent Cultivation

Talent Cultivation




Talent Cultivation

Talent Cultivation

Onshore Personnel
  1. The Company has established the “Management Measures for On-the-job Training for Employees” to encourage the employees to make improvement, enrich their professional knowledge and skills and improve their work efficiency
  2. To make our employees to understand the newly added (revised) maritime-related regulations and improve safety management of the fleet, we will assign the employees to participate in external training courses from time to time, such as the International Safety Management Code (ISM Code), International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code), etc
  3. To cope with internationalization and improve the employees’ foreign language abilities, the Company provides subsidies for foreign language training courses
  4. In addition to provide orientation for new recruits, we also arrange continuing education for the accounting supervisor (personnel), audit supervisor (personnel), and the corporate governance senior officer every year, and the training costs are covered by the Company. In 2022, our employees participated in 79 classes of various professional function and education and training courses, with a total of 2,080.17 course hours (man-hour), a total of 810 participants, and the total cost amounted to NT$ 245,900
Sea Crews
  1. Regardless of gender and rank, sea crews averagely received 77 hours of onboard drills and relevant education and training in 2022. In terms of the joint ship-shore interactive drill, quarterly drills and relevant education and training, the average training hours were more than 88 hours per person.
  2. To improve the seafarers’ functions, we subsidize fees and provide classes in accordance with the needs of different ranks to help the crews obtain relevant certificates.
  3. In addition, books and newspapers providing industry-related knowledge are also provided, such as Crew Watch and Health Watch of Britannia P&I Club, so that sea crews can also understand the latest information and cases of the industry.
The total amount of investment in education and training and the average training costs in the past three years

Unit: NT$

Year 2020 2021 2022
Total amount of education and training 35,700 41,500 245,900
Average training amount per person 525 601 3,323


  1. This table only includes the hours and costs of paid courses
  2. The average training amount per person= Total training amount/ total number of onshore personnel數
  3. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic during 2020-2021, the amount invested in training was lower
2022 Education and training statistics by category- By training type

Unit: Hours (man-hour)

Type of training Training hours
Internal education and training 975
Seminar/ Explanation session 201.46
Professional training institution 537.71
Professional training institution (On-the-job subsidy) 366
Total 2,080.17
2022 Education and training statistics by category- By courses

Unit: Hours (man-hour)

Type of courses Training hours
ESG 814.31
Business Management 71
Risk Management 105
Financial Management 147.36
Ship Management 268.5
Integrity Management 44
Information Security and Management 169
Occupational Safety and Health 461
Total 2,080.17

Performance Appraisal

Onshore Personnel

To attract and retain excellent talents, promote talent development, and encourage employees to work attentively while enhancing their cohesion so as to create the maximum benefits, the annual performance bonus distribution standards have been established in accordance with the regulations in the Employee Work Rules, which is implemented on a yearly basis.


In 2022, Male/female ratio of employees receiving appraisal: Female 100%/Male 92%

  • Note 1:The appraisal period was until December 31, 2022
  • Note 2:The scope of appraisal applies to all formal employees below the President
  • Note 3:The chairwoman of the Company concurrently serve as the President, whose performance appraisal is conducted by the board of directors, and is included in the female employees receiving performance appraisal
  • Note 4:There were 2 employees not included in the appraisal because of the following reasons:
  1. One is a new recruit at the end of December, so the employee was not applicable to the appraisal
  2. The other employee was not included in the appraisal due to the nature of the work and that it was clearly stated in the contract that the performance appraisal shall not be included, and therefore, the employee was not applicable to the appraisal
Sea Crews
The sea crews have to receive the quarterly performance appraisal in terms of work attitude, technical abilities, conduct, and knowledge regardless of their gender and rank.
The description of the objects’ ranks is detailed as follows. For detailed explanation, please refer to the company’s Sustainability Report.
Objects Person in charge of the appraisal
Deck Department Employees Chief Officer
Engine Department Employees Chief Engineer
Chief Officer Master
Chief Engineer Master
Master The supervisors of various departments at the Head Office