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Employee Care

Employee Benefit System


Onshore Personnel Benefits


To provide employees with great working environment, in addition to regulatory items, Shih Wei Navigation also provides many benefit items superior to regulatory ones, such as the 7-hour working hours a day, focusing on the physical and mental balance of the employees so that they can give play to their abilities. In addition, to take care of employees with special needs, flexible adjustment of remote work and working in the office can be made so that they can take care of both their families and work. Please see the Table- Overview of Benefits Superior to Legal Regulations for details.

Benefit Items Category
Labor insurance, national health insurance, various types of leave, pension Government regulations
Group insurance, festival gifts, scholarship, wedding/funeral/sick leave subsidies and emergency relief, group recreational activities, year-end party, employee trip subsidies, pandemic-prevention welfare measures, flexible shifts, reuse of electronic devices, health examination, blood donation in exchange of compensatory leave, typhoon leave Superior to legal regulations

In terms of the benefit system, various employee benefits have been provided, such as Mid-Autumn Festival bonus & Dragon Boat Festival bonus, year-end bonus, performance bonus, staff travel, dinner party with raffle prizes, and wedding/funeral/festive celebration allowances. In addition to the original labor and health insurance, the group insurance plan is also purchased to insure all employees. On different festivals, different departmental competitions are held or group activities incorporating ESG spirit are also organized, such as lectures on environmental protection, beach (mountain) cleanup activities, and turning idle or discarded resources in the office into creative decorations for Christmas and handmade red envelopes for the Lunar New Year holidays and other decorations to increase team cohesion and bound.

In addition, we worked in line with the government’s COVID-19 vaccination policy and encouraged our employees to receive vaccination. Those getting the second dose would be granted NT$1,000, the third NT$ 10,000. In addition, we also encourage our employees and their family dependents to actively donate blood in exchange of compensatory leave.


Overview of Benefits Superior to Legal Regulations

Listed in the table below, for more detailed information please refer to the company’s Sustainability Report.

Employee Compensations
Employee compensations are distributed in accordance with the Company’s Articles of Incorporation to share business profits with our employees.
Festival Bonuses and Performance Bonuses
Handled in accordance with Employee Work Rules and Methods for Distributing Performance Bonuses.
Working Hours
Superior to the statutory weekly working hours,
those of the Company are  35hours/week
Group Insurance
The group insurance plan is purchased to insure every single employee, and the content includes accident insurance, medical insurance, hospitalizations and injury hospitalizations, etc.
Festival Gifts
Gift vouchers or gifts for Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Lunar New Year holidays.
Scholarship is issued to qualified children of the employees’ based on the transcripts of every semester.
Wedding/Funeral/Sick Leave Subsidies and Emergency Relief
Employees can apply for relevant subsidies by submitting the required supporting documents in accordance with the regulations.
Group Recreational Activities
Group activities and competitions are arranged based on the background of holidays or festivals to enhance team spirit and sense of honor of the departments.
Year-End Party
Hold the year-end party and provide cash prizes and raffle prizes.
Employee Travel Subsidies
The employee trip is held from time to time, and the employees and one family member of theirs are fully subsidized.
Pandemic-Prevention Welfare Measures
Provide employees with customized masks, vaccination incentives, and work from home option if family care is needed. Flexible swifts are also provided for the employees to adjust their commuting time based on their needs.
Flexible Shifts
Survey is conducted to know the employees’ needs for the adjustment of the commuting time. Currently, there are three shifts available, which is a normal policy and not limited to the pandemic period.
Reuse of Electronic Devices
The Company mobile phones are refurbished and offered to the employees at preferential prices after being replaced.
Health Examination
Implementation of fully subsidized employee health examination.
Blood Donation in Exchange of Compensatory Leave
Our employees can provide proof of blood donation of the current year in exchange of 4 hours/per donation of compensatory leave (up to12hours per year per person).

Proof of employees’ family members’ blood donation can also exchange compensatory leave at 2 hours/per donation, and applications of up to 4 family members per employee are taken.
Typhoon Leave
Implementation of typhoon leave, and no salary or leave will be deducted.

Working Hours and Leave System


The working hours of the Company are 7hours a day, five days a week. The working hours are fixed and in a non-shift system. Supervisors will grant leave when employees need to take care of their families. Employees can also take their annual leave, family care leave and so on to strike a balance between work and family life. We also cooperate with government policies and provide childcare subsidies for parents to make use of childcare services so as to work at ease.

Parental Leave


Supervisors of the Company will grant leave when employees need to take care of their families. Employees can also take their annual leave, family care leave and so on to strike a balance between work and family life. In addition, the Employee Welfare Committee also provides a one-time maternity allowance.


Benefits for Sea Crews


  • Sea crews enjoy the “seniority/reinstatement bonus", "extra food allowances on three festivals”, “fees for newspapers and magazines” and “bonus for entering dangerous areas”
  • Ensure that the sea crews are provided with proper living quarters and entertainment equipment onboard
  • Ensure that the sea crews have access to high-quality food, drinking water and catering services (great equipment for general cooking) in accordance with sanitary conditions and regulations
  • If the crew member disembarks at any port for treatment due to injury or diseases, in addition to the disease benefit stipulated in the contract, if permanent damage is caused in the accident that leads to the loss of working ability, graded disability compensation is also provided as stipulated in the agreement
  • When a ship sails into a pirate affected area (such as the Gulf of Aden), the Company will send armed security to board the ship, follow the escort warship, and provide anti-theft facilities (such as the roll gabion)
  • Provide sufficient anti-pandemic materials during the pandemic period to ensure that the infection risks for sea crews can be reduced
  • Chinese seafarer labor service agencies provide their seafarers with five insurances and one fund, and the main policies include endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, childbirth insurance and housing accumulation funds. Due to the particularity of this occupation, the social insurance fee is generally 100% covered by the seafarer labor service agencies, and the payment cannot be stopped at will no matter the seafarers are on the ship or at home on vacation, the social insurance fee shall be paid in full amount every month

Workplace Diversity and Equality


In the Company, the employees’ compensations and positions do not differ due to difference in gender, age, nationality, or ethnic groups, realizing the equal pay for equal work and equal promotion opportunities for both male and female employees. The ratio of females holding senior management positions is as high as 75% in the Company.

The Company has established the Measures of Prevention, Correction, Complaint and Punishment of Sexual Harassment at Workplace to maintain gender equality and personal dignity.

Employee Remuneration


The Company's year-end bonus system is based on the Company's after-tax operating profits, which is distributed to all employees as encouragement after considering their seniority and annual performance review.

For more detailed information please refer toRemuneration Policy,or Sustainability Report.


Retirement System and Implementation Status


In accordance with the pension plan stipulated in the Labor Standard Act and relevant regulations, the payment of the employees’ pensions is calculated based on the years of service and the recurring salary before retirement. For the contribution to the pension fund of the old pension system, the Company contributes 5.2% of the total monthly salaries of the employees to the laborers’ pension fund accounts in Bank of Taiwan. From July 1, 2005, with the implementation of the Labor Pension Act (hereinafter referred to as the “new system”), if the in-service employees choose the “new system”, the defined contribution plan is applied to the years of service, and no lower than 6% of the monthly salary shall be provided to individual pension accounts for employees by month.

For more detailed information please refer toSustainability Report.

The Status of Labor-Management Agreements and Measures for Preserving Employees' Rights and Interests


The Company has high-quality employees, and the business philosophy and management policies are clearly and actually implemented. The Company has established various internal communication channels, including the labor-management conference, Employee Welfare Committee, the executive board meetings, and others. Over the years, the labor and the management have been able to operate satisfactorily under the respect of the labor-management ethics.In 2022, there were no major labor disputes.