Manpower Structure

Manpower Structure



Manpower Structure

Manpower Structure


Due to the characteristics of the industry, the employees of the Company are divided into “onshore personnel” and “sea crews”, and all the employees are important assets for the Company to maintain stable operation. Onshore personnel are recruited and managed by the Administration Department while sea crews by the Crew Management Department. We comply with domestic and foreign laws and regulations, attach importance to labor rights, and establish appropriate management policies, performance appraisal, compensation and benefits measures, and the education & training and continuing education measures to achieve the goal of sustainable management.

Number of employees



Onshore personnel


Sea crews


  • Note: Data statistics are until December 31, 2022.

Onshore Personnel


The Headquarters (Head Office) of Shih Wei Navigation is located in Taipei, Taiwan, and no physical operating bases were established for overseas subsidiaries. The operation of global business is conducted in the Head Office. Onshore personnel refer to our associates working in the Head Office, with a number of 74 people including the top management, 100% of whom are Taiwanese. The Company is subject to Taiwan laws and regulations. In terms of protecting and providing equal employment opportunities for the disadvantaged groups, Shih Weil Navigation employed one employee with disabilities, meeting the standard of 1% quota stipulated in Article 38 of the People with Disabilities Rights Protection Act. Moreover, in the event of major operational changes that have an impact on the employees’ labor rights, the Company will give advance notice in accordance with the seniority of the employees to allow them to have proper time for psychological adjustment and preparation.


Sea Crews


Sea crews refer to the seafarers. Most of the seafarers of Shih Wei Navigation are assigned by the crew agency to perform relevant obligations, and corresponding insurance is also arranged. The average contract period per person is about 10 months, and when the contract expires, the seafarers are arranged to disembark. Therefore, the sea crews do not have direct contractual relationship with Shih Wei Navigation. As for whether to return to work for Shih Wei Navigation again after the expiry of the contract depends on the arrangement of the crew agency company. Therefore, it is unlikely to calculate the number of new recruits and turnover rate of sea crews. However, there is a fixed-term contractual relationship between the Taiwanese seafarers serving for the marine flag carriers in Taiwan*note and Shih Wei Navigation, which applies to the regulations of the Seafarer Act and the Labor Standards Act, stipulating the employer to allocate the pension to the dedicated pension account on a monthly basis while their compensations are allocated to their individual personal accounts.

Seafarers holding a license that is compliant with the regulations, passing the medical examination, and at least 18 years old can arrange appointments with Shih Wei Navigation regardless of the gender. In 2022, the seafarers assigned were mostly Chinese, followed by Vietnamese, Filipino, Indian, and Taiwanese, with a total of 633 people. Among all the seafarers, 2 are Chinese females, both under 30 years of age, and the other crew members are all males.  

  • Note: Flag carriers in Taiwan refer to ships hanging the flag of Taiwan.