Shih Wei Policies

Shih Wei Policies



Shih Wei Policies

Shih Wei Navigation has been upholding the business philosophy of maintaining safety of lives, safety of ships, safety of cargos, and safety of environments as below :


Safety of Lives

Safely and effectively maintain and operate the fleet managed and operated by the company, so that the company, crews and boarding visitors, whether on board or ashore, can have a safe and healthy working environment


Safety of Ships

The employees of the company and the crew on ship not only fully abide by the skills of navigation and engineering, but also ensure that the safety, survival, fire extinguishing and pollution prevention equipment on the ship can always conform to the highest standards of international convention.


Safety of Cargoes

When loading and discharging cargoes, the primary consideration to be the safety of the ship. Before loading and discharging, the all cargoes to be stowed and distributed properly to satisfy vessel’s stability/safety at all times. Additionally, the crew to carry out safety inspection on all equipments to ensure all working in good condition. During loading and after completion of loading, to conduct cargo stowing/trimming/lashing /securing to ensure cargo safety.


Safety of Environments

To prevent oil leakage or oil discharge from ships in navigation waters, as well as discarding of garbage or toxic substances, and comply with the competent authorities and international regulations/rules regarding pollution prevention on air, water and environment.

Based on the corporate policies of " Safety of Lives, Safety of Ships, Safety of Cargoes, and Safety of Environments”, the ships are prohibited from going to high-risk regions or countries subject to internal sanctions and trade control. In addition, we pay close attention to international trends at all times to plan safe and economical routes to create the maximum benefits for both our customers and shareholders, and to improve the collective intelligence of all the personnel at Shih Wei Navigation so as to cope with the challenges in the future.