Social Care and Investment in Public Welfare

Social Care and Investment in Public Welfare




Social Care and Investment in Public Welfare

Social Care and Investment in Public Welfare


Public Welfare Investment Strategy


Shih Wei Navigation has been actively involved in social participation, having sponsored outstanding art creators and disadvantaged groups multiple times in the past. Upholding the philosophy of "Common Good" and the commitment to persistent charitable actions, since 2021, we have intensified our efforts to advance towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through diverse engagement in social participation, we continue to foster a positive cycle.

To facilitate the cycle of "Common Good", we have formulated a public welfare strategy at Shih Wei Navigation with a focus on "Happy Learning", "Environmental Protection", " Local Participation" and "Cultural Inheritance", the execution of annual public welfare projects is led by the chairwoman, who acts as the convener. Coordinated by our "Public Welfare Team", these initiatives go beyond sustained support for long-term projects. Through diversified discussions and subsequent approval by our chairwoman, various public welfare activities have been organized and performed. With participation ofmobilize colleagues and business partners, the outcomes are regularly reported to the Board. This approach aims to actualize social care, leveraging our social impact and promoting the ethos of "Common Good”.

Due to the characteristics of the shipping industry, Shih Wei Navigation does not have physical operating bases in ports and terminals in other countries, making it difficult to operate local communities. Therefore, we have collaborated with the After School Association of Taiwan to sponsor their "Yuanxiang base” in Wutai Township, Pingtung County" as the starting point for our involvement in community care.

Having only one Elementary School in Wutai in the remote mountainous area, the educational resources are beyond insufficient, make it more difficult for children to acquire assistances after school. To address this issue, the Association established the "Wutai after school base”  ” sponsored by Shih Wei Navigation, providing meals, tutoring, and cultivating a culture of learning. This initiative also aims to enhance awareness and inheritance of the traditional culture of the Rukai tribe, offering a happy learning environment and a safe space. See also Highlights Project: Explanation of the Happy Learning Project

Gradually we have also extended this initiative to their other bases, helping rural children to "Happy Learning". We intend to assist to cultivate the Wutai base, for the long term and extend our support to its neighboring communities, in pursuit of a sustainable vision that balances the preservation of Rukai culture and the promotion of local development.

In terms of environmental conservation and biodiversity maintenance, our fleet has been reducing speed to 10 knots or lower since 2008 to protect the North Atlantic right whales and minimize ecological impact. Additionally, we have set an annual goal to organize beach cleanups (or mountain cleanups) at least once, encouraging colleagues to actively participate and contribute to environmental protection.

Axis of Public Welfare Description of strategy Visions Goals Objects  Social influence
Happy Learning We have worked with the After School Association of Taiwan and adopted the Yuanxiang Base in Wutai Township, Pingtung County, assisting schoolchildren in the base to learn and grow happily by sponsoring in multiple ways. 
  • To reduce the problem of lacking teaching resources due to the gap between the urban and rural areas
  • To enable schoolchildren to have a chance for multiple opportunities
  • Long-term adoption of the Yuanxiang Base in Wutai Township, Pingtung County
  • To enhance schoolchildren’s understanding of the shipping industry
  • Linking the resources to provide better learning environment and resources
Schoolchildren in rural areas
  • Improve the quality of education
  • To enable schoolchildren to know the shipping industry and plant seeds for their future career choices
Environmental Protection
  • Work with external non-profit organizations for the planning of various environmental protection actions so as to promote environmental education, enhance our associates’ environmental awareness to contribute to the environment on earth
  • Since 2008, the fleet of the Company has cooperated with the practices of reducing the speed to 10 knots or lower along the U.S. east coast at certain times of the year to protect the North Atlantic right whales
  • We abide by the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments formulated by IMO in 2004 in the hope of preventing and controlling the harm caused by alien species through the management of ship ballast water
    We participate in public affairs of the neighboring communities and take care of rural communities to respond to local needs, taking specific actions to facilitate the local development. 
To implement environmental sustainability from actions in daily lives and stick to it
  • Organize 1 beach cleanup or mountain cleanup every year
  • To improve the environmental awareness of the stakeholders
  • Employees
  • Neighboring communities
  • Deep rooting for the environmental awareness
  • To reduce ecological impacts
Local Participation We participate in public affairs of the neighboring communities and take care of rural communities to respond to local needs, taking specific actions to facilitate the local development.  To facilitate social inclusion and contribute to the establishment of an inclusive and harmonious ecological circle
  • To assist with the industrial development in rural areas through the local procurement policy
  • To enhance the public’s recognition of the Company
  • Community residents
  • Community organizations
  • Giving back to communities
  • Implementation of social inclusion
Cultural Inheritance To extend the action from the adoption of the Yuanxiang Base in Wutai Township, Pingtung County, we cooperate with local communities, schools, and NGOs in the promotion of the preservation of Rukai culture and ethnic harmony. Assist with the promotion of the aboriginal culture and promote harmony and mutual understanding among ethnic groups.
  • Provide a stage for schoolchildren to demonstrate the unique art and culture of the Rukai tribe. 
  • To assist schools with the promotion of cultural
  • Schoolchildren in rural areas
  • Schools in rural areas
Promotion of Rukai Culture and enhance the public’ multicultural literacy.



Public Welfare Achievements and Highlights

Types of public welfare projects invested in 2022

Unit: NTD

Type of public welfare Type of public welfare Amount Proportion
Charity Public welfare donation 757,958 35.89%
Charity Public welfare procurement 0 0.00%
Community participation Local participation 6,000 0.28%
Community participation Environmental sustainability 50,450 2.39%
Business promotion Education and culture 470,141 22.26%
Business promotion Care for vulnerable groups 827,162 39.17%

What is worth mentioning is that for the rescue operations at sea carried out in 2022, excluding the operating losses, the cost of the rescue operation alone amounted to US$ 24,467.58 (NT$780,900).

2022 overall value of the investment in public welfare projects

Unit: NTD

Type of Contribution 2022
Cash contributions 2,111,711
Employee volunteering during paid working hours 60,732
In-kind giving: Product or service donations, projects/partnerships or similar 166,040
Management overheads 606,000

Highlight Projects

Happy Learning Project

Since 2021, Shih Wei Navigation has cooperated with After School Association of Taiwan and adopted the secret base for children in Yuanxiang in Wutai Township, Pingtung County under the concept of common good and accompanied the disadvantaged children to learn and grow. In 2022, we invested NT$656,250 for the 22 schoolchildren in Wutai Elementary School. In addition to tutoring, more attention was paid to their character education and multiple courses were also provided, including Rukai culture and art, and reading promotion. We also link the resources of our partners to expand the services to other bases. The specific actions taken in 2022 include the followings.

  • We jointly donated 194 dictionaries with Kang Hsuan Education Publishing Group to help schoolchildren in rural areas
  • We donated 170 boxes of fruit to the bases of the After School Association of Taiwan in northern, central and southern Taiwan on Mid-Autumn Festival
  • We donated picture books with the Eastern Publishing Co., Ltd. to schoolchildren in the 10 bases of the After School Association of Taiwan
  • We entrusted Owl Parenting Association to organize the Read Aloud in Taiwan to provide education and training to the responsible people and tutoring teachers in the 84 bases of the After School Association of Taiwan

In addition, we joined hands with our subsidiary, Dancewoods Hotel, to sponsor the Rotary Club District 3481's “Meeting English Learning Partners in Rural Areas” event to support the English Online Tutoring Program in the Rural Area.

Introduction of our strategic partner-
After School Association of Taiwan

The Association was founded under the leadership of director, Nien-Jen Wu, and has made long-term cultivation in cities, counties, and towns, providing free after-school tutoring for economically disadvantaged schoolchildren in primary and middle schools. It is hoped that the folk forces can be combined to accompany children along the way in education. Currently, there are 84 “secret bases” countrywide, providing services all around Taiwan.

Environmental Sustainability

Shih Wei Navigation has set the plan to organize the beach cleanup or mountain cleanup once a year. In 2022, we cooperated with the Chinese Taipei Alpine Association and went to Shiding Danlan Historic Trail in New Taipei City for the mountain cleanup, and a professional guide was also arranged, enabling our associates to contribute to the environment and at the same time have deeper understanding of historic and cultural context locally.

On the other hand, to respond to circular economy, we continue to cooperate with Asus Foundation for the Renewable Computer Hope Project and recycled and donated 16 desktop computers, 5 printers, and 5 screens in 2022. For the decoration for major festivals such as Christmas, idle or discarded resources in the office are firstly used to make creative decorations for Christmas to gradually enhance the awareness of environmental sustainability in the daily life.

Art & Culture

The 2021 I Draw Peace exhibition initiated by Kherson educational-aesthetic complex Art School and Lviv Children’s Art Gallery aimed to let the innocent children in war-torn Ukraine to find the innocence and beauty and have self-healing during the process of art creation.

Shih Wei Navigation worked with its subsidiary, Dancewoods Hotel, and Pink ART Studio to co-organize the touring exhibition of artworks: 2021 I Draw Peace-Children Draw the World Relay- Taiwan, to introduce this meaningful exhibition of Children’s paintings to Taiwan, the first Asian stop of the tour, and sponsored the venue and giving away ticket invitations, investing in NT$ 87,780. In addition to promoting the development of art and culture in Taiwan, it is also hoped that visitors can appreciate the value of peace from the kids’ own perspective.

For more details, please refer to our company’s sustainability report.